Book Review: ‘Three Can Keep A Secret: A Greer Hogan Mystery’ By M.E. Hilliard

by | Jan 22, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Librarian Greer Hogan is back for her third novel, and once again there’s a murder, involving someone she knows. Anita Hunzeker, who runs the board of trustees, is found dead in a car accident, and it looks like she was run off the road, and bashed over the head. Greer had no love for the woman, and is sad to hear that she died. Greer starts investigating after two of her co-workers seem to be prime suspects. As she starts digging, she learns startling facts, and then another person Professor J.P. Walters is found murdered by poison, Greer can’t help but wonder it both deaths are linked. The more she digs, the more secrets she finds, and someone doesn’t want her digging anymore. This is another great novel in the series. Small town murder mysteries are one of my favorite things to read. Here’s to many more Greer Hogan mysteries.

You can pick up Three Can Keep A Secret in stores on Tuesday, February 7th from Crooked Lane.