Book Review: ‘This Is Why We Lie: A Novel’ By Gabriella Lepore

by | Sep 1, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

The teenagers of Gardiners Bay’s lives will never be the same after one of their own is found dead in the shore. For Jenna Dallas the beach has always be a haven for her. She’s chilling there when she sees Adam with a body in his hands. It’s own of her school mates Colleen and she’s dead and it turns out it was no accident. Jenna and Adam are questioned and let go but it sets off a chain of events as to who the killer was. Jenna and her friends go to the exclusive girls school Preston Prep, while Adam and his friends are Rooks and go to Rockwood, they are in a school for young men that are in trouble with the law. The Rooks hold parties almost every weekend and Jenna’s friends go to them. Now everyone is being investigated and Jenna finds evidence of some shady doing with her friends and with Adam’s friends. It seems they all have secrets they don’t want to come out. And then another person is murdered and Jenna soon finds her life in danger as she gets to close to the truth.

A solid Young Adult novel with plenty of teen angst, love stories gone wrong and a mystery with many twists and turns. Author Lepore makes good use of the flashback and we learn about the things that went on between these characters as the story goes on and it fills in the backstories. A good fall read.

You can pick up This Is Why We Lie in stores on Tuesday, September 21st from Inkyard Press.