Book Review: ‘This Is Not Fame’ Is Another Great Doug Stanhope Book

Doug Stanhope is a comedian and quite the character. Love him or hate him you have to admire him for living life to the fullest. He tells it like it is and isn’t afraid to do outrageous things, like go skinny dipping in the middle of a party that Bill Maher is throwing, that he crashed. Then being found in the shower with a girl by Bill. Just classic stuff.

In his first book Digging Up Mother, he told his life story, in his new book This Is Not Fame, from Da Capo Press and in stores now, he tells outrageous stories from his life on the road as a stand-up comedian. There’s so many stories it’s hard to know what to tease. There’s all the sex with prostitutes, getting naked on stage during his stand-up, all the drugs (mushrooms, ecstasy and cocaine) and a funny story about a sex store in Utah, pretending to be Johnny Rotten for a phone interview on a music station and sooooooooooo much more.

On a personal note I worked in radio years ago and we scheduled an interview with Doug to promote an upcoming show via phone. We called him and he was so gone on Mushrooms he head no idea about the interview and barely remembered talking to us (we had to reschedule the interview). He talks about a similar incident with someone else in the book. How Doug Stanhope is still alive is beyond me!

If you’re a fan of Doug and even if you’re are not this is one great, fun read.

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