Book Review: ‘The Third Victim’ By Phillip Margolin

by | Feb 10, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

New York Times best-selling author Phillip Margolin is back with a promising start to a new series. The Third Victim shows every angle from being investigated, charged and the courtroom proceedings in a trial from the sides of the prosecution and the defense.

Set in Oregon the story starts with a woman bloodied and beaten stumbling onto a road late at night. She claims she was kidnapped and had been torture red. She managed to escape his capture. The house where she was held belonged to a very successful attorney named Alex Mason. He becomes the prime suspect in the case, which is also tied to two other women who went missing and later found dead.

Regina Barrister, a famed defense attorney takes his case. She’s know as ‘The Sorceress’ for who well she does in court. She has a part of her team a new, young lawyer named Robin Lockwood. Robin is a former MMA fighter and worked for Oregon Supreme Courst as a clerk. She’s excited to be working with Regina.

Alex is arrested and charged with the crimes. He claims he’s innocent. Not helpful is a statement by his wife claiming that Alex has a kinky side to him. On top of that during the trial his wife files for divorce and half of his money (he has a lot of it).

Regina and Robin start their defense of Alex and start investigating every little detail. Regina is becoming forgetful at times and Robin is worried about her. As the case goes on there are twists and turns until a verdict is announced. It soon becomes apparent that not everything is what it seems with the evidence and with Regina.

Phillip Margolin graduated from law school and worked for the Oregon Supreme Court. He then did private practice. So he knows of what he writes. The courtroom scenes are dramatic and come across as real. The added twist of what’s going on with Regina and if Alex is truly guilty lead to a climatic ending.

You can pick up The Third Victim in stores on Tuesday, March 6th, from Minotaur Books.