Book Review: ‘Things You Save In A Fire’ Is A Great Story About Forgiveness And Moving Forward

by | Jul 30, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Cassie Hanwell is woman driven. She is a firefighter in Austin, Texas and a damn good one. She can out do the men and has been awarded a valor award. But something happens at the ceremony that puts her future in doubt. She is up for a promotion after acing a test to move up. But she is given an ultimatum in order to get the promotion.

Right before this happened her mother called, the same mother that walked out on her and her dad when she was sixteen and upended her life ten years ago. She needs Cassie to move to take care of her. She has a medical condition and needs her help. She lives outside of Boston. Cassie tells her no and basically tells her she has a nerve. She cannot forget what she did and how it shaped her life. Professionally Cassie is excellent. Personally she has big-time trust and emotional issues that has prevented her from really being close with anyone.

Because of what happened in Austin she is able to get a transfer and moves to be with her mother. But it means starting over with a group of men that are not used to a woman being in their firehouse. It means hazing and starting all over again. She starts with another man who is called the rookie. Cassie is not a rookie but she is new so that baggage comes with her. Soon she learns to showup the men and earn their respect. She also has it bad for the rookie but rules prevent anything happening.

As things hear up with the rookie, she learns to open her heart. She also learns a shocking secret about her mother and when a massive fire breaks out it could be the end of everything she has worked for and cost someone their life.

Author Katherine Center has written a heart-warming tale of having to let go of the past and forgiveness. It’s a love story, a great look at what being a firefighter is like and learning to let go of the past and opening your heart up. A story you can’t put down.

You can pick up Things You Save In A Fire in stores on Tuesday, August 13th from St. Martin’s Press.