Book Review: ‘The Women’s March: A Novel Of The 1913 Woman Suffrage Procession’ By Jennifer Chiaverine

I love Jennifer Chiaverini novels as she never disappoints. Her new novel is a well-researched and written look at the women of 1913 and their fight for the right to vote. A very informative book looking back at the brave women who risked it all for the right. The story centers on several characters from Alice Paul, who is a Quaker and went to England to protest and was in and out of jail on many occasions, finally returning home to her family. But she is not done protesting and takes it to the streets in America and is joined Maud Malone, a librain and Ida B. Wells-Barnett, a woman of color who feels black woman should also be allowed to vote. It all leads up to March 3, 1913, to one of the biggest protests yet and like all protests there were people for and against and put their lives at risk. The book is based on these real-life people and events and what these did women did was nothing short of bravery. It’s a compelling read not to be missed.

You can pick up The Women’s March in stores now from William Morrow.

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