Book Review: ‘The Woman Inside’ Is An Intense Novel About Revenge And Murder

by | Jan 28, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

Rebecca and Paul are coming up to their 20 year wedding anniversary. It hasn’t been easy but there still together. But what each of them don’t know is that the other has secrets. Rebecca has been fired from her job at a pharmaceutical company, where she over indulges on her samples (Paul knows about this). Paul has had affairs over the years and has recently ended one with Sheila. She has become crazy and possessive.

Rebecca thinks something is up with Paul and goes through his office and finds things that makes her think he is planning to leave her and do away with her. Paul is up to something but Rebecca doesn’t know what exactly it is. When Sheila shows up one night in their bedroom Rebecca ends up killing her in self defense. Paul doesn’t think the police will believe them so he takes the body and buries it.

What happens next is Paul and Rebecca both have plans in mind involving each other. What they don’t know is each one has a different plan and one is to murder the other. The story takes a lot of twists and turns until the shocking ending you won’t see coming.

The review is light on plot points to avoid spoilers of the story. It’s a great suspenseful thriller right from the start to the end. You won’t want to put the book down until you finish. It may very well be on my top 10 books of the year.

You can pick it up in stores now from Dutton.