Book Review: ‘The Widow Of Wall Street’ Looks At The Life Of A Family Betrayed By One Man’s Greed

by | Jun 5, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

As the book begins Phoebe Pierce is visiting her husband Jake in jail. It’s not a trip she was happy to make but she’s been with guy since they were teenagers. One of her first loves that her mother never really approved of. No on thought they would get married and still be together almost fifty years later. But they are and her whole world has been shattered and torn apart by Jake. Author Randy Susan Meyers has written a fascinating story about the Wall Street culture, investing and how greed can tear apart family and friends.

They were dating back in 1963 when Phoebe was still a teenager. Then a few years later they got married and Jake was hard at work building his investment business. Taking people’s money to invest and make his commission on. He also had a side business called the Club for select rich people that was off the books. Jake and these clients would make some serious money. There was also times when he got in over his head and had to borrow and scrimp in order to pay his clients their money (you can tell right there something wasn’t above board). As the years grew and he got good tips and rich clients he was able to make a fortune.

He could provide for Phoebe and their two kids. The story would go on and as the years would go jump along to a particular year and what was going on in their lives and the business. Phoebe was able to start a cupcake business that became successful. Jake was doing really well until he wasn’t. His shady business was found out and their worlds come crashing down.

Phoebe is now left with a choice of does she stand by the man she has loved her whole life and try and start over or stay with him and be shunned by those closest to her.

An emotional journey that tells the story of one woman’s love for a man who she knew wasn’t perfect. Turning her head at times to things that were right in front of her. They say love can be blind and in this case Phoebe will have to take stalk in her life and start over again. The only question is can she?

You can pick up The Widow Of Wall Street in paperback on Tuesday, June 26.