Book Review: ‘The Whispering Room’ Is The Next Jane Hawk Thriller

Sometimes I request books that look good and don’t always read the synopsis or remember that it’s coming. Such was the case with The Whispering Room, the next Jane Hawk thriller from Dean Koontz, out Tuesday, November 21st, from Bantam. It’s the follow up to last June’s hit The Silent Corner. Jane is back and still on the run and in more trouble then ever.

The story picks up right at the end of the last book. Jane is now wanted for two murders (they were self-defense, though you could argue murder). She wants to get the story out and goes to a reporter she thinks she can trust. Turns out he’s working with the bad guys. So she hits the road again and starts chasing after the people that have developed the nano brain implants for evil.

In Minnesota, a school teacher Cora is the next to be made to do something bad. She drives her car into a hotel killing a member of Congress and the Governor. The Feds come to town to investigate but cover it up and leave. The local sheriff Luther Tillman isn’t buying it and starts to investigate. He finds journals from Cora and takes them and starts reading them. He soon learns about a place she went called Iron Furnace. He decides to head there.

Jane has tracked down a lawyer and kidnapped him and gotten information from him about a mysterious place called Iron Furnace. She takes care of the lawyer and then heads for Iron Furnace as well. Soon there paths meet and they work together to investigate the place. This town is unlike anything they have ever seen. All the people are under the nano spell. Lucky for them they know how to control them as well. They find a group of kids all under 16 at Iron Furnace and manage to break them out. They take them to Texas where she knows they will be safe.

Jane takes off with the bad guys right behind her to get to David James Michael, who she thinks is the head of everything. She manages to get to him but learns he’s just the tip of the iceberg and that she needs to figure out what exactly The Whispering Room is (which will set up the next book).

Jane Hawk is an exciting, kick ass character. She has brains, brawn, smarts and no bullshi* attitude. She knows she could die or be captured at any minute. She always has a plan and she will be damned it she won’t at least tries. All that matters to her is try and clear her late husband’s suicide (which was because of the nano), expose the bad guys and be able to raise her son.

For everything Jane does, you know it’s for the right reasons, even if it seems she is putting herself about the law. With very few people to trust and a conspiracy that seems to be hitting the top of the government, it’s up to her to end it while she can. Dean said in his book notes he is already working on the fourth book. Which means book three can’t be that far away. I for one will look forward to the next adventure and the one after that until Jane brings them all down!

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