Book Review: ‘The Weekenders: A Novel’ By Mary Kay Andrews

Sometimes you don’t know the person you are with. Riley Griggs has been married for twenty years and has a daughter Maggy. She and her husband Wendell (who never shows up) are planning on getting a divorce and plan on telling her during there summer getaway to Belle Island (something they do every summer). Riley has lived there and been going back her whole life.

While she is waiting to go over she is served with papers telling her that their house on the island is being foreclosed on. This can’t be right she thinks. She also runs into an old boyfriend who is running the ferry she is on. When she gets to her house she indeed finds a notice of foreclosure. She end up going to her mother’s house. She doesn’t have the best relationship with her nor does her brother who’s also on the island. As she tries to sort things out she finds more than she bargained for.

When Wendell is found down on the island the search is on for who did it. As the police investigate and Riley takes matters into her own hands (she is an investigative reporter), she learns a lot more about the man she thought she knew. Family secrets come out and Riley just may rekindle an old love. When the murderer is revealed you won’t see it coming!

Mary Kay Andrews is a New York Times Best Selling Author and I really enjoy reading her books. She writes great character driven stories and you feel like you are there and friends with everyone. With twists and turns in the story, you’ll want to read right through to see how things end up.

You can pick up THE WEEKENDERS (St. Martins Press; in stores on May 17).

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