Book Review: ‘The Wedding Tree’ Is A Fun Read

The past always has a way to come back and haunt you in the present. In her new book, The Wedding Tree (Berkley Trade Paperback; December 1), bestselling author Robin Wells explores just that.

Wedding Tree, Louisiana is a small town where everyone knows each other and their business. Hardly anything can be kept a secret. Grandmother Adelaide McCauley has lived her whole life here and raised her family. She has secrets. When she takes a bad fall and has an out of body experience, seeing her late mother, who tells her she has unfinished business and has to go back and tell her secrets, Adelaide does just that.

Her son Eddie and granddaughter Hope come and convince her that she should sell her home and move to San Francisco and live with Eddie. As they clean out her house, Adelaide reveals her past to Hope. In flashbacks we learn her secrets and how her life went (and it didn’t go the way she wanted it to).

Hope is divorced, having been taken to the cleaners by her ex, and not looking to trust or fall in love. When hunky neighbor Matt and his two daughters (with his late wife) living next door, that becomes a hard thing to resist. Hope is painting his daughter’s room and spending time with Matt. Soon an attraction kicks in and they can’t resist each other. Not wanting to trust and get into anything serious, Hope resists but it’s too late. When a great job opens up in Chicago, she intends to take it.

Having learned all of Adelaide’s secrets and the house being sold, will Hope follow her heart and let love in or will she leave it all behind and take the job in Chicago?

A really enjoyable book with great characters and a nice love story! You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, December 1.

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