Book Review: ‘The Vineyard At Painted Moon’ Is The Next Great Susan Mallery Novel

by | Jan 31, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

The latest Susan Mallery book is another in a long line of great character driven novels featuring strongly written women. She is one of the top writers of this kind of story and she never, ever disappoints with her books.

Set in wine country in Walla Walla the story centers on the wine vineyards of Bel Apres and the family that lives and works there. Barbara is the matriach of the family and her four children live on the estate with their families. Her son Rhys is married to Mackenzie, who is the head wine maker. She’s like another daughter to Barbara. When Rhys and Mackenzie decide to end their marriage, it’s been over for years now, she decides she needs to make a clean break. She looks for another job and hopes to buy a vineyard of her own. And luck has it she knows Bruno, who has been wanting to buy one. When Barbara finds out what’s going on she goes ballistic and loses it. Here kids have always had issues with her, but this is beyond crazy. Mackenzie soon learns shocking news and as she starts her life all over, it is a challenge but one she’s up for and her life will completely change.

You can pick up The Vineyard At Painted Moon in stores on Tuesday, February 9th.