Book Review: ‘The Velvet Hours’ Is A Romantic Story Set

Alyson Richman returns with a sweeping novel set in Paris before and up until the time of WWII when Hitler and Europe were at war. The Velvet Hours is available in stores on Tuesday, September 6th from Berkley Trade.

Marthe always wanted more than she had. She had a child at a young age but knew she couldn’t be a good mother and gave him away to a couple that couldn’t have kids. He was to be told upon his eighteenth birthday the truth.

Marthe met a rich, married man named Charles and became a kept woman (who was deeply in love) and renamed herself Marthe de Florian. He got her a beautiful apartment, gave her a monthly allowance and came to see her when he could. She bought the finest stuff and became a somewhat shut-in, society lady.

Solange is her granddaughter and upon meeting was fascinated with her. She wanted to be a writer and with years of fascinating stores, the two became very close. Marthe went back over the story of her life and it helped teach Solange a lot. When Solange meets Adam (who is Jewish) she begins a friendship/romance with him. With WWII happening and France about to be invaded, they have choices to make to save their lives.

Inspired by a true story about an apartment that was found in Paris abandoned for many years, this is a tale of love, family and the horrors that was World War II.

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