Book Review: ‘The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone’ Is A Good Debut Novel By Felicity McLean

by | Jun 12, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

The Van Apfel Girls Are Gone is the debut novel from author Felicity McLean, a journalist who lives in Australia. It’s a solid mystery that looks back on 3 missing girls and what led up to them going missing and the aftermath of it. With a compelling story, well-written characters and a mystery story that will keep the reader engaged.

Tikka Molloy has been seeing Cordelia everywhere since she disappeared with her two sisters Ruth and Hannah back in 1992. It’s never here but it always looks like her. Now years later she lives and works in Baltimore. She gets a call that her sister Laura has cancer and she flies home right away to be with her. She hasn’t been home in years and notices how things have changed. The Van Apfel house has been sold again. It brings back memories of the those days when their three girls and Laura and Tikka where friends. Both Laura and Tikka where there that night the girls left and never came back.

They flashback to those days and the days before that lead up to the girls leaving and the impact of what happened after. They question their parts in the whole deal and if they could have stopped it. Guilt is a powerful thing and they look at it from different angles. What really happened to the girls? You can find out on Tuesday, June 25th when the book comes out from Algonquin Books.