Book Review: ‘The Unwilling’ Is The Next Thrilling John Hart Novel

There’s nothing better than a John Hart novel. His new book is a thrilling story filled with emotion, family, love and great characters. It’s a story you can’t put down and you root for the main characters to come out on top.

The French family has been through a lot. There oldest son Richard died in Vietnam, their next son Jason came back from the war a changed man. He got into drugs and other problems and spent a couple of years in jail. And their youngest son Gibby has had a somewhat sheltered life for fear of him turning into his brothers. And now Jason is back and wants to spend time with his brother. His parents are not happy about this. They think Jason is still bad news and will corrupt Jason. Soon a mysterious man named X, who is rich, powerful and in the prison that Jason was in, learns he’s back in town and X wants Jason back in jail with him. And a plan is formed that puts him back in prison, framing him for a murder. Gibby cannot accept this and he is going to prove his brother is innocent of the murder and looks for information that will clear him. It puts Gibby in danger and soon a dangerous man who has helped X goes rogue and it puts Gibby’s life as well as others in jeopardy and now it is up to Jason to save his brother’s life before it’s too late.

You can pick up The Unwilling in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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