Book Review: ‘The Truth Hurts: A Novel’ By Rebecca Reid

Poppy is a nanny for the Henderson family who routinely take advantage of her. She’s underpaid and overworked. She’s with them in Ibiza and has an argument with Mrs. Henderson and is fired and told to leave at 2 in the morning. She goes to a bar where she meets the charming Drew, who buys her drinks and offers his guest room to her. Taking charge the next morning she storms over to the Henderson’s and gets her money owed and some of her stuff and leaves with Drew. Drew asks her to stay on and they become a couple.

In four short weeks he asks her to marry him. She says yes and they’re quickly married. There’s just one thing he requests. Neither one of them talk about their pasts. He feels that nothing they have done in the past is worth mentioning (and it seems they both have secrets).

They move to a house outside of London that Drew has bought and begin their lives. Things are going good at first but then things start to get a little strange. Poppy starts to wonder who Drew really is. And we learn via flashbacks about Poppy’s life and what her secret is. Soon she learns shocking secrets about Drew and now she’s not sure who this man is or if she can stay with him. And then something even more shocking takes place and it could be then end of them.

The story is a thrilling page-turner that keeps the reader guessing what the secrets might be. When they finally come out they come fast and there are a lot of twists and turns. A fun summer beach read.

You can pick up The Truth Hurts in stores on Tuesday, July 28th from Harper.

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