Book Review: ‘The Trump White House’ Is An Interesting Look At His Administration

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

So I need to start this off by saying I am a news junkie and watch a lot of news and check out news sites all day long. I am also not a fan of Trump or his administration. I follow every little scrap of news I can. So when I saw this book The Trump White House, in stores now by Ronald Kessle I thought it might be another Fire and Fury type book. It’s not.

It’s a book on Trump, the people he has hired currently and previously. Ronald gives behind the scenes on most of the major players and brief bios. Since I am such a news junkie most of the stuff written in the book I have already known. Things I didn’t include the claim that Kellyanne Conway is a big leaker and wondering what her job is (I always wonder that). Also that his wife Melania is a calming force on him at times. She may be quiet and not do a lot in public but she seems to be able to calm the Donald down at times. Also he goes behind the scene of when they got together and rebuffs of him at first. Also a good look at Jared and Ivanka and their history and their power plays in the Oval Office.

Lots of great looks behind the scenes on Trump and the key players. If you’re just someone that casually follows the Trump news this is a great book for you. Again if you’re like me you want learn a lot of new information but enough to keep you interested.