Book Review: ‘The Trigger Mechanism: A Camp Valor Novel’ By Scott McEwen And Hof Williams

by | Jan 27, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

Book two in the Camp Valor series finds all hell breaking loose.

Jalen Rose is a teenager in Detroit who likes to play video games. He meets a person online that asks him if he wants to play a special game he has made. Jalen says yes and it’s a game where you get points for killing people in Austin, Texas. What Jaden doesn’t know is that it is a hacker who has made the game real and Jaden ends up killing a bunch of people indirectly.

It’s time to return to Camp Valor and Wyatt is ready and his younger brother is going. His father is now the Director. Wyatt wants revenge for what happened in book one and is ready to go hunting for a turncoat killer Halsey. Before that Wyatt is asked to talk to Jalen and see if he can any info out of him. Soon Jalen is at Camp Valor as well.

A hacker is slowly causing problems around the country. Airplanes are being hacked and more people are being killed. Soon Wyatt and Jalen are on a mission that involves Wyatt ringing the bell and leaving the camp. They’re trying to find the hacker who they think is a 14 year old girl named Julie who is a genius.

With everything else going on the new DOD leader wants to shut down Camp Valor but needs them for a mission to get the hacker and end the end of the violence this person is doing. It all leads up to a climactic violent showdown.

A good follow up to the first book Camp Valor. The character of Wyatt is more mature and ready to lead the series as it goes forward.

You can pick up The Trigger Mechanism in stores on Tuesday, February 11th from St. Martin’s Griffin.