Book Review: ‘The Sunshine Sisters’ Looks At Three Sisters And Their Mother

Three sisters grew up with their famous actress Mother, who was something else. Not quite Joan Crawford but not the best mother either. That’s the story of The Sunshine Sisters by Jane Green (Berkley Hardcover; in stores Tuesday, June 6).

Ronni Sunshine was a famous Hollywood actress in her day. She would do almost anything for the right part (and sometimes did). She also had three daughters Nell, Meredith and Lizzy along the way that somewhat hampered her career. But she was all diva. No matter what she did or where she went, she had to be the glamour actress. At home was a different story. She wasn’t really a good mother. Her daughters knew when she was moody and when to try to stay clear of her. They couldn’t wait for the day to get away from her.

Years later Ronni is sick and calls the girls home. She wants them to help her end her life. Along the way we follow the girls living their various lives. They are not particularly close but still talk to each other once in a while. Each is chasing what will make them happy. No one really succeeds and it all comes back to their childhood. As each one makes it back to their mother’s house, old wounds are opened up and truths and feelings are revealed. Will this re-union bring them back together or forever drive them apart?

A great story about family and power of love or wanting to be loved. It makes for a great summer beach read!

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