Book Review: ‘The Summertime Girls’ Looks At Friendship

A book about long time friendship and family coming to a boiling point when people don’t talk. The Summertime Girls by Laura Hankin takes a look at just that.

Ally and Beth have been best friends since they met as kids. They grew up together, treated each others families as their own and shared everything. As the years go by and they move on with their lives they start to grow a bit distant. When things happen in with their lives and they can’t reach out to each other, resentments start to grow.

Still they get together in Maine to close down Grandma Stella’s house there’s tension under the surface between the two. It all comes to a boiling point and things are said they may be able to be taken back.

Will the girls be able to work past the bitterness and get back to being the best friends they were?

Laura Hankin writes this novel (and it could be actually be a true story), as all of us have in some point in our lives gone through this with our friends.

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