Book Review: ‘The Summer Of Sunshine & Margot’ Is A Fun Summer Novel From Susan Mallery

by | May 29, 2019 | Books | 1 comment

I like nothing better than a fun romantic comedy. I think that is how you would label The Summer Of Sunshine & Margot. Two fraternal sisters may just find love at the new jobs with men they never would have expected. Sunshine and Margot have not been lucky in the love department and there’s nothing that seems like will change that. Then they meet Declan and Alec and everything changes.

Sunshine works for a nanny service but her record isn’t that great with past clients. Declan is need of a nanny for his son Conner whose mother passed away a few months ago from cancer. They’ve tried some other woman but they haven’t worked out. Conner likes Sunshine so they give it a try and they hit it off. Declan also likes her. It’s been over a year since he’s had sex and six months since his wife died and he and Sunshine hit it off as friends. They both start to feel something but is it the right thing to do?

Margot has a company that teaches etiquette. Bianca is a wild-child older lady, former actress who likes nothing more than to have a good time. She wants to change for Wesley who has an important job where he would need Bianca to be a bit more refined. So her son Alec interviews her to help his mother knowing full well it probably won’t work. Margot has her hands full with her. She and Alec also become friends and an attraction builds between the two of them. They have hot sex (author Susan Mallery can write some steamy scenes) but will it only be a sex thing or can they let it become more?

Really fun characters in the story especially Bianca make for an enjoyable story of two sisters, that want nothing more than to find the right man (and the two male characters want nothing more than to find the right woman). A perfect summer read for the beach, water, lake or just sitting outside enjoying the sun.

You can pick the book up in stores on Tuesday, June 11th from HQN.