Book Review: ‘The Stories You Tell’ Is The Next Thrilling Roxane Weary Novel

Author Kristen Lepionka is back with book number three in her Roxanne Weary series. If you haven’t read one yet Roxane Weary is a well-written character with great stories. Kristen is once again on the top of her game with this latest novel.

This time around Roxane has a lot on her plate. She is having issues with her girlfriend, Tom is sniffing around again, a former cop is murdered and a late night phone call from her brother Andrew sets her course for this novel. She rushes to Andrew’s house and he tells her about a visit from Addison, a girl he use to work with and banged a few times. It was a strange, short visit. And now she is missing.

Roxane starts looking for her and it leads her on many paths and a lot of people that could have had contact with her and why she is missing. It also gets her brother arrested and made a possible suspect. It leads Roxane to the world of an online app much like Tinder. She soon discovers that the people around her she is talking to are not being honest and leads to a shocking discovery and climatic showdown and if Addison is still alive and also affects the lives of two small children.

If you haven read one of the Roxane novels yet now is the time. Each reads like a stand-alone book with enough back info to understand what’s going on. You can pick up The Stories You Tell in stores on Tuesday, July 9th from Minotaur Books.

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