Book Review: ‘The Split’ By Sharon Bolton

Felicity Lloyd is on her job assignment on the island of South Georgia, off the coast of South America. She has taken this job as a glaciologist to get away from someone in London that is after her. A ship is arriving with people and she sees the passenger list and is startled to see his Freddie, her ex-husband on the list. She decides she must escape for a period of time and hope he is gone. She also knows he has been looking for her and he may not stop until he finds her. He had been in jail for murder and no idea how he got out already.

But not everything is what it seems and we learn the backstory of Felicity and her husband and find out what has happened and why. It’s quite a story and the reader is along for the ride. Then things shift back to the island and it reaches a thrilling climax, where twists and turns, that come fast and furious.

This review is a bit short of more details because it may give away spoilers of the main plot and twists. To quote Author Lee Child about the this book ‘This Is Her Best Yet.’ I thinks this sums it up perfectly!

You can pick up The Split in stores on Tuesday, April 28th.

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