Book Review: ‘The Spice Master At Bistro Exotique: A Novel’ By Samantha Vérant

by | Nov 19, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Kate Jenkins is opening her restaurant in Paris, it’s been her dream, and it’s finally coming through. She has a great deal on a space, which includes an apartment. She meets Gararance, who owns the building and is a bit kooky (in a fun way), and gave her the great deal, but it comes with a condition that it must be successful by a certain date. Garrance also is a spice lady, who makes all sorts of exotic ingredients that Kate can use in her cooking. She also meets her obnoxious son Charles, who is a famous chef. Charles ends up helping her out, and they put the hatred between them aside, and find that they like each other. Between cooking, and sparing they fall in love, but old demons come back to haunt Charles, and it could end things before they even being. A great end of the year rom-com, full of romance, quirky characters, and lots of great food, will make you hungry. The setting of Paris is great here, and author Vérant makes you feel like you are there.

You can pick up The Spice Master At Bistro Exotique in stores on Tuesday, December 6th from Berkley.