Book Review: ‘The Shameless’ Is The Next Thrilling Quinn Colson Novel

by | Jun 25, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

It’s book number nine with Quinn Colson and wow a lot happens in this story. Quinn and Maggie are now married and living on the farm with her son. Caddy is now sober. Boom is on the mend but having issues with his drinking. And a case from 20 years ago has now resurfaced thanks to Thin Air podcast. What really happened to Brandon Taylor all those years ago?

When the podcast comes to town they start asking a lot of questions. Brandon (who was 15) went hunting one day and then his body was found days later with a bullet hole. It was reported as a suicide. But some people questioned that. Quinn’s uncle was the sheriff at the time. All the reports from then are missing. Quinn, Maggie and Caddy among others are interviewed about what they knew.

US Marshall Lillie is on the hunt for one of the men who shoot Boom in the last story. He has information on the syndicate and Senator Vardaman who is running for Governor and is shady (at least they think he does and hope he will cut a deal.). The Senator is saying he will make Mississippi what it once was and shut down all the bad things in the state. That includes Miss Fannie (who runs the local strip club/whore house.) He also wants Colson gone as he feels he is causing to many issues for him.

It seems Quinn is always one step behind as the bodies start piling up, evidence seems to be pointing to him in the death of Brandon all those years ago and a shocking shooting leaves one person fighting for their life by the end of the story. And that is the opening for the next chapter as the book leaves on a cliffhanger ending.

Another great story. The characters in this series are top-notch. The stories always intense with lots of twists and turns that leave the reader wanting more by end of each story. This book has a lot of backstory on the main characters which helps any new reader understand what is going on. Ace Atkins always delivers in his novels.

You can pick up the book in stores Tuesday, July 9 from Putnam.