Book Review: ‘The Shaadi Set-Up: A Novel’ By Lillie Vale

Can two people find love the second time around? For Rita Chitniss, who is in her 20’s, all her parents want her to do is get married. They can set her up with a lot of their Desi friends but she’s not interested. She’s in a secret relationship with Neil, but because of something that happened in the past she can’t tell her parents. She comes up with a plan to have them both sign up for the site, a matchmaking site and have it match them up, so both sets of parents will be okay with them dating. But it sets Rita up with her ex Milan, who broke up with her six years ago, he was her first love. And then her mother goes and tells him she will work with him as an interior decorator on the house he’s selling. Rita doesn’t want to at first but then agrees and soon things re-heat between them. Can they move forward while putting the past behind them?

This is the debut novel from author Lillie Vale and it’s a solid rom-com that’s well-written and is a good look at the lives and culture of the Desi (Indian) world (where parents freely interfere in their kids lives). A charming fall read.

You can pick up The Shaadi Set-Up in stores on Tuesday, September 7th from Putnam.

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