Book Review: ‘The Secrets Of Love Story Bridge: A Novel’ By Phaedra Patrick

Mitchell Fisher is a single dad of a 9-year old girl named Poppy. His partner Anita died three years ago in a tragic accident for which he blames himself. He worked a lot and was suppose to be with her the day she died but wasn’t able to be. He’s a former architect and now works as a city maintenance worker and still hasn’t gotten over the loss of her. His job right now is take cut off padlocks from the city bridges that people keep putting up. These may be tokens of love or loss and there are a lot of them, even though it’s illegal to do it.

One day when a woman is putting up one she falls over the bridge into the water below. Mitchell sees this and jumps in after her and saves her. But he has no idea who she is as he’s taken to the hospital and she vanishes. He becomes a local celeb and soon learns her name is Yvette and she’s been missing for 12 months now. It turns out she’s the sister of Liza, the new music teacher for Poppy. They team up to find out what happened to her and why she vanished, not completely as she’s been in a little contact.

As they try and figure out why Yvette left, Liza and Mitchell grow close. They soon learn more details and get to the bottom of the everything. And they develop feelings for each other but the question is will Mitchell be able to let go of the past and move forward with Liza?

A story of starting over and moving forward highlights this story. Throw in a mystery and it has a little of everything for everyone.

You can pick up The Secrets Of Love Story Bridge in stores on Tuesday, April 28th form Park Row.

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