Book Review: ‘The Seafront Tearoom’ Will Make Your Want To Drink Tea

The Seafront Tearoom (Berkley Trade Paperback; Out December 1) is a delightful novel from author Vanessa Greene.

Three women come together over tea and pastries at The Seafront Tearoom, a quaint local establishment owned by Letty, where everyone knows each other in the town of Scarborough, and is the best place for tea and cakes.

Three woman writer Charlie, single mom Kat and French Au pair Seraphine meet at the tearoom and become fast friends. Charlie is doing a series on tearooms and is town to visit her sister and her kids. Kat is struggling as a single mom and having to deal with her ex. Seraphine is escaping her life in France (she is gay and in love but hasn’t told her family) for a few months to take care of a young child.

As they look for tearooms to review, the three ladies lives take different turns. Charlie meets a man and falls fast (she has just gotten out of a relationship), Kat starts dating and has major issues with her ex (who wants her back). She also learns a shocking secret that will change her life forever. Seraphine is having to deal with 10 year old Zoe, who lost her mother and hasn’t been able to come to terms with it.

As they bound over tea and cakes and form a truth friendship, they realize what it is they want in lives. Beware reading this book will make you want to drink a lot of tea and hungry for sweets. A well written book about friendship and the power of a good cup of tea!

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