Book Review: ‘The Sea Off Lost Girls: A Novel’ By Carol Goodman

Tess is a teacher at Haywood along with her husband Harmon and her 17 year old son Rudy is a student. Early one morning Rudy texts Tess and asks her to come get him at their special place. Rudy is one of the stars of the new school play and has some psychological issues and Tess is always there for him. He says there was a dorm party going on (he lives in the dorm) and also had a fight with his girlfriend Lila. She picks him up and brings him home with her and notices a stain on his sweatshirt.

The next morning she receives a call that Lila is dead on the beach. The police want to talk to Rudy and to Harmon, who is wearing the sweatshirt on his morning run. Rudy is questioned as well. As the story moves on and the murder is investigated, we learn shocking secrets from Tess and Rudy’s past. Could someone have come back from the dead and been the one who is responsible for this murder? How do missing girls in the past relate to this case? With shocking twists and turns the past and present collide, leading up to a climactic reveal.

A solid story with many twists that has the reader engaged and not wanting to put the book down. There’s many secrets and lies that play into the story and you have to make sure and pay attention to follow them all. A solid thriller.

You can pick up The Sea Of Lost Girls in stores on Tuesday, March 3rd from William Morrow.

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