Book Review: ‘The Rewind: A Novel’ By Allison Winn Scotch

by | Oct 16, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

Frankie and Ezra broke up 10 years ago and it was a bad break-up and they haven’t talked in those 10 years. Now in 1999 as the year roles in, they’re together again for a wedding, and both vow to stay away from the other. The night before the wedding, a scavenger hunt is taking place and they’re paired together. Fast forward to the next morning….,they wake up hungover and in bed together, in Ezra’s old dorm room. And they each have a ring on their fingers (and they think they got married), Ezra a gold band and Frankie has on Ezra’s Grandmother’s ring, which he was going to give to his girlfriend tonight after the wedding, she’s was to have flown in last night. Neither of them can remember last night and decide to try and retrace their steps. With time running out before the wedding tonight, their hatred for each other is front and center, as they try to figure everything out. This is a great rom-com, filled with great 90’s pop culture and two characters you really care about. The mystery of what happened the night before is intense and you want to keep reading to find out what happened. With flashbacks to their time 10 years ago, you get the full picture of their relationship. One of the best rom-coms of the year.

You can pick up The Rewind in stores on Tuesday, November 1st from Berkley.