Book Review: ‘The Revenge List: A Novel’ By Hannah Mary McKinnon

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Books | 0 comments

Frankie Morgan has an anger problem, and her father makes her go to anger management classes. At the first class, everyone is told to make a list of people that have angered them over the years, in an attempt to put it behind them. Then she loses the list, which includes her father and herself, and a bunch of others, on it. Then people on the list (which Frankie has lost) start having accidents, and one is killed. She is now on a mission to find the person that has the list, and save the remaining people on it. It all leads to a shocking reveal about her past, and who this person is taking revenge for her. Another twisty novel from author McKinnon, who always delivers with her books. Fans of twists and turns will like this one.

You can pick up The Revenge List in stores on Tuesday, May 23rd from MIRA.