Book Review: ‘The Replacement Wife: A Novel’ By Darby Kane

Elisa Wright should have it all…she has a husband (has his own vet business) and a seven year old son and a nice house in the Philadelphia area. She’s still struggling with a tragic event that happened months ago but seems to be making progress. But lately something is bothering her…she thinks her brother-in-law Josh is a killer. His wife died via a fall down the stairs and his recent fiancee vanished without a word. Elisa was close friends with her. As Elisa questions things and finds a laptop and clothes, she questions Josh about her, things in her life go haywire in her life and soon she looks like she’s going crazy and her own husband isn’t believing what she’s telling him. And then Josh has a new girlfriend Rachel, that Elisa gets close with but she overhears things and now thinks that Josh and Rachel are out to get her. But she’s not going down without a fight and soon learns shocking truths and she may have asked too many questions when she learns the real truth and her life is in danger.

A good thriller that starts off strong and keeps it up throughout the novel. There’s also someone that talks about having plans and it helps the story along. With twists and turns you will not want to put it down.

You can pick up The Replacement Wife in stores on Tuesday, December 28th from William Morrow.

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