Book Review: ‘The Real Deal’ By Lauren Blakely Is One Of The Best Books This Year

The Real Deal by Lauren Blakely is The Real Deal. It’s one of the best books of the year in my opinion. It’s got a great story, fun interesting characters and it shows love can be found in the most unexpected way.

April Hamilton lives in New York City has a good job and friends. She’s single at the moment is happy with that. It’s time for her families summer reunion and she dreads it. Not because she doesn’t love or want to see her family. It’s because she will be going single and her family is already calling her trying to set her up on dates with people who live locally there.

Her friend suggests she go on Gigs For Hire and rent a boyfriends for the time she will be away and he recommends someone named Theo Banks. He’s is a bartender and does Gigs For Hire when he gets jobs. He is not a gigolo. He doesn’t sleep with clients. He is just acting out a job for whoever hires him and whatever they need from him. April meets with him and there’s an instant chemistry. She hires him and they head to her families reunion.

They coordinate their stories and everything is going good. Theo is a hit and they are getting along great. The thing is they don’t realize that they are actually falling in love with each other. They start opening up to each other about their pasts and things that have happened to each of them. Theo is not a saint and has things he had to deal with and is still dealing with.

When a misunderstanding takes place it could doom the couple. Will they be able to overcome their issues and was it just a job after all?

I just love this book. The whole premise and the story is well-written and April and Theo just have such chemistry (you can just tell it from reading it). It’s a fun, witty story with some twists and turns but in the end it’s about two people not looking for anything that might just find the opposite.

You can pick up The Real Deal in stores now from St. Martin’s Press.

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