Book Review: ‘The Psychology Of Time Travel’ Is A Fun Time Traveling Story

It’s 1967 and four woman Margaret, Lucille, Grace and Barbara are working on a project to invent time traveling. They are making strides and now are testing on animals. With success they are finally ready to try it themselves. They can only go a short distance into the future and it works. They’re ready to go public to look for donations/sponsors so they can take it to the next level. At the press conference Barbara has a medical issue and taken to the hospital. She’s kicked off the project and woman never speak to her again.

Now fifty years later time travel is big business and it’s overseen by The Conclave with Margaret in charge with Lucille and Grace. Barbara is still mad after all these years and is telling her Granddaughter about her past with the ladies. She receives a mysterious package with a date about an inquest, which means someone dies. They assume it’s Barbara. With time travel now people can go into their futures, meet their future self’s, learn their deaths, see what will happen before it does. Travel back and force with each other. Ruby decides to investigate the death.

Odette finds the body of the dead woman on the date listed and it freaks her out for months. She soon decides to join the Conclave to try and investigate it and learn about the body and inner workings of the company. With so much time traveling going on the story jumps around over many years with different characters intermingling and learning about their lives.

We learn who the body was and how she came to die. And can someone change history and stop the death from happening?

This is the debut novel of Kate Mascarenhas and it’s a fun read for any Sci-Fiction person. I personally love time-traveling stories and adventures. You can tell the author is a fan of Doctor Who (it’s even referenced in the book) and it shows in her fun story. I look forward to future adventures from her.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, February 12th from Crooked Lane.

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