Book Review: ‘The Promise Of Forgiveness’

Ruby Baxter hasn’t had much luck in life. Her parents died tragically in a car crash. She got pregnant at an early age and the father was an ass. Her 14 year old daughter decided to have sex and caused a scandal. She then decided to make a move to Kansas and start a new job and life.

Then out of the blue she gets a letter from an attorney telling her about her real father. Yes she was adopted and never knew it. On the way to Kansas she and her daughter Mia stop in Unforgiven, Oklahoma to visit Hank (the dad she never knew). The town is small and not much to it. Everyone knows everyone and what’s going on. She meets Hank and Mia takes a sudden liking to him (making Ruby jealous). He’s an ornery older guy set in his ways. He owns a big ranch with horses, an old dog and is paid a lot of money for the oil under his land.

Mia wants to stay here with him. Ruby has a lot of anger and wants answers. As she learns about what happened to her when she was born, her mother and Hank, her defenses toward him start to let go. She decides to stay the summer and move come September. She also meets ranch hand Joe Dawson and she is attracted to him. He has his baggage and they decide that maybe it’s time to put things in the past and move forward.

Ruby also finds out that someone wants to buy the ranch but Hank won’t sell (and learns upon his death everything will go to her). Strange things start to happen around the ranch and when she talks to the local law people it doesn’t seem anything is being done to find out who is responsible. The more digging she does, the more she learns about her past and what her future could be.

A book about family and forgiveness with interesting characters in a small Oklahoma town makes for a fun read.

You can pick up The Promise Of Forgiveness by Marin Thomas in stores Tuesday, March 1 from NAL Accent.

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