Book Review: ‘The Pint Of No Return’ Is The Next Fun Sloane Krause Mystery

I love good, fun, quirky small town mysteries. Author Ellie Alexander is back with her second book in her Sloane Krause series. I didn’t read the first one and wish I had. It has like-able characters, that small-town feel, beer and Sloane being an amateur detective, even if she doesn’t mean to be.

It’s that time of year again in Leavenworth, VA the annual Oktoberfest celebration spanning three weekends. The town is packed with not one hotel room to spare. All the businesses are ready to make money and Nitro is no different. Sloane and her boss Garrett have been working non-stop to create some new beers to entice the people. Sloane is even more excited when she finds out a production company is in town filming for a potential new documentary on the festival. They want to do a piece of Sloane and Nitro (doing it from a woman’s perspective). It will be hosted by movie star Mitchell Morgan (who is an ass). He does not favors when people meet him and he is pompous.

After a night of drinking he’s found dead in the street. There could be any number of suspects but no one jumps out. Sloane was one of the people that found the body. She decides that she’s going to do some investigating on her own and see if she can figure out who might be the killer. When she gets to close though she may be in over her head.

You can pick up this fun adventure in stores on Tuesday, October 2nd from Minotaur Books.

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