Book Review: ‘The Patriot Threat’ Is Another Great Cotton Malone Adventure

Another threat to the very existence of the United States is upon us and once again Cotton Malone is called to help save the day. Steve Berry is back with his latest book ‘The Patriot Threat.’

This latest threat starts with President FDR and involves the sixteen amendment on taxes. Former treasury secretary Andrew Mellon has uncovered a giant cover up that the amendment never passed and shouldn’t have been made legal, could blow the lid off the US government. He reaches a deal with the President that spates him jail time. Before he dies he leaves clues with the information he has. Years go by and nothing is done with it.

Now a writer who came across Mellon’s clues and information and is on the run and most be found before the information becomes public. As the chase is on for him, an exiled North Korean who should be the leader of North Korea is on the hunt for this info as well, so he can use it to blow up the US and its effects on China, and to regain his rightful place as leader of North Korea.

The action heats across Europe and the US with shootings, murders and a desperate rush to get the information before it gets into the wrong hands. It leads to a climatic showdown!

If you’ve never read a Cotton Malone book before now is a good time to start. There full of action, adventure and historical information you may not have know before. Steve researches his facts. He even devotes a chapter at the end of each book explaining what is real and what is not with footnotes about each thing fact. You can pick up ‘The Patriot Threat’ in stores March 31.

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