Book Review: ‘The Paris Showroom: A Novel’ By Juliet Blackwell

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Books | 0 comments

I love Juliet Blackwell’s novels and she’s back with another great historical fiction novel. Everytime I read one of her novels I learn something new and this book is no exception. It’s 1944 in Nazi occupied Paris and Capucine Benoit has been taken hostage, along with her Communist Grandfather. She has been placed in the Levitan department store, because of her knowledge of fashion. These stores are being used to house stolen property of the Jewish people and others who have been taken or killed. It’s where the Germans and rich people come to ‘shop’ and where the prisoners make everything look new. Capucine’s daughter Mathilde lives with her Grandparents and she has inherited the family store, that makes fans for women. She’s also looking for her mother and soon learns where she is and about her past. She is soon drawn to the Resistance and with the Allied forces close at hand, she must stay safe. When Capucine gets into some trouble it could be the end of her and all she hopes is to last long enough to reunite with her daughter and Charles, the man she loves. A great story about family and the will to live in a horrible time in our history.

You can pick up The Paris Showroom in stores on Tuesday, April 19th from Berkley.