Book Review: ‘The Paris Key’

No better place to re-start your life then in Paris!

Genevieve Martin is going through a divorce and has decided there’s no better place to get away to then Paris. She was there as a little girl after her mother dies, living with her uncle and learning his locksmith business. Now that he has died she has gone there to take over the business.

Meeting new people that knew her uncle and her mother when she was there sparks interest in Genevieve and soon secrets from the past come back to today and she goes on a quest to learn what her mother was like when she was here and what happened to her. When she finally learns those secrets, it will change her life forever.

For anyone that has ever been interested in going to Paris, author Juliet Blackwell does a great job of describing the city and made me want to go there. You can pick up The Paris Key (NAL Trade Paperback Original in stores Tuesday, September 1).

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