Book Review: ‘The Paris Diversion: A Novel’ By Chris Pavone

Kate Moore is back with her husband Dexter and their kids now living in Paris. Things in their marriage are not great but they’re working on it. Of course it doesn’t help that they both keep secrets from each other. She works for the American Government and he trades stocks (not always legally). And now Paris is under attack from terrorists and Kate is in the middle of it. And an old grudge is taking place against Dexter and only Kate can save him.

Hunter Forsyth is the CEO of a huge company and is about to make a big announcement when he goes missing. Dexter has known about this and has been dealing in the stock for his company and what he’s doing may not be legal. And with no sign of Hunter things are not looking good for the company. And on top of that Dexter is being set up by old enemies to make it look like he is responsible for Hunter being missing.

It’s all coming to a head and it will be up to Kate to save Dexter and her family.

A thrilling story set against the backdrop of Paris with old enemies makes for a fast-paced thriller that has it’s twists and turns right up to the end. A page-turning sequel with great characters and story. A great next chapter in the story of Kate and Dexter.

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, May 7 from Crown.

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