Book Review: ‘The Other Mrs. Miller’ Asked Who Is She Really?

by | Jul 2, 2019 | Books | 0 comments

The debut thriller from Author Allison Dickson has many twists and turns and keeps you reading right up to the very end. Who is the mysterious woman and what is her connection to everyone. And who did what?

Phoebe Miller is rich and has been a shut-in for a while now since her father died and for what he was caught doing. Phoebe can’t take the scorn that is associated with it. She has become a shut-in barely leaving her house. She sits around and drinks all day. Her marriage to Wyatt isn’t going so well. He is still on kick about getting a baby (they lost one very young) and Phoebe has no desire to get one know. They would have to adopt and she says no.

A car has been sitting on their street for weeks now and Phoebe has been watching it and marking down times it is there. We soon hear from the person in the car and what they are thinking. We won’t learn about who this person is until later in the book.

New neighbors move in across the street. Dr. Ron Napier, his wife Vicki and their hot 18 year-old son Jake, who stirs something in Phoebe. They soon start an affair and Phoebe becomes close to Vicki. Something seems off about the family though. Phoebe makes plans to run away with Jake. At that same time the driver in the car is ready to make a move. Then what happens next will change everyone’s lives. A devious plot is hatched and a new person takes over the thoughts and who the person in the car and the people across the street are and what role they play brings about a lot of twists and turns right up to the climatic ending and make sure to read right to the last word.

Author Allison Dickson has written an exciting story that is a perfect summer read for the beach, lake or just sitting around. If she keeps up with these type of great novels, she will be a force to come for years!

You can pick up the book in stores on Tuesday, July 16th, from Putnam.