Book Review: ‘The Oddmire Book 2: The Unready Queen’ By William Ritter

William Ritter is back with the follow-up to his Oddmire novel (which is really good). The story continues soon after the last one ends. Cole and Tinn are dealing with the reveal of who is the Goblin and one of them is learning how to use his magic. Fable is learning how to use her magic from her mother, the Queen of the Deep Dark woods and is happy to be friends with Cole and Tinn, even if her mother isn’t happy about this.

But things between the humans and magical people in the woods isn’t good. And neither are things in the woods, some of the creatures are not happy with the Queen and her lax attitude where humans are concerned. And on top of that digging for oil has started taking place on the land right near the boundary of the where the magic woods are. They are destroying the land and trees and this has upset the magical creatures.

And this puts Fable, Tinn, Cole and their new friend Eve in harms way. They are trying to stop an all out war that’s about to break out. A discovery is made on the lands that have dug in and where the trees have come down. This could change everything in this crucial war and it could make Fable the unready Queen. And then a shocking admission is made to end the book and set up the next one (and I cannot wait for it).

This second book is as good as the first one. A lot of character development and story movement. This fairy-tale series so far is awesome and hopefully there will be many more stories go come.

You can pick up Oddmire Book Two: The Unready Queen in stores on Tuesday, June 2nd from Algonquin Books.

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