Book Review: ‘The Next Thing You Know: A Novel’ By Jessica Strawser

by | Mar 9, 2022 | TV | 0 comments

Mason Shaylor is a 36 year-old muscian, who thinks his life is over, after a bothced surgery leaves him unable to play anymore. When he goes to an end of life Doula looking for help in ending it. Nova is assisgned the case and she starts working with him at his home. Then Mason’s mother shows up after reading his calendar and tells them he is dead via a car crash, he drove over an overpass. And then the shock comes that Mason, who told them he had a terminal illness, did not. Mason’s mother files a lawsuit against them. We learn their story via now and then chapters and follow the relationship of Mason and Nova and what really happened between them. With twists galore, the story keeps you emotionally invested in the characters and how and why things played out as they do. Author Jessica Strawser continues her string of great novels.

You can pick up The Next Thing You Know in stores on Tueday, March 22nd from St. Martin’s Press.