Book Review: ‘The Naked Eye’ Is The Latest Kendra Michaels Book

Iris and Roy Johansen are back with their latest novel The Naked Eye (St. Martin’s Press, July 14) detailing the adventures of Kendra Michaels.

Eric Colby has been put to death but Kendra Michaels is not convinced of it. Every murder she hears of she tries to show up and see if it has any connection to Eric. Everyone thinks she’s crazy to believe he is still alive. Eric is still alive, has a fake passport and a major plan to get his ultimate revenge.

Beth Avery, who is Eve Duncan’s sister, is back and in trouble and Kendra saves her butt. When a reporter calls and tells Kendra she has prove Colby is still alive she goes to meet and is given proof. Soon she finds she was set up to look like a fool. When the reporter turns up dead she is convinced that Eric Colby has something to do with. She is soon proven correct and now she and the authorities have proof he is alive and the hunt is on to capture him.

Eric is playing games with Kendra and has her in a cat and mouse game that involves murder, kidnapping and a race against time to save not only Beth’s live but her own.

A thriller that has exciting characters, sexual tension, computer hackers and a stunning climax that will have you on the edge of your seat. You can pick it up on July 14.

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