Book Review: ‘The Military Wife: A Novel’ By Laura Trentham

Harper Lee Wilcox lost her Navy Seal husband Noah five years ago. She’s still living in Kitty Hawk North Carolina with her son Ben and her mom. She got a report about her husband’s death but has always felt there was more involved with it then she has been told. She even got an award and money after Noah died from one his co-Seals Bennett. Her mom thinks she should be dating again and looking for a new man.

Her best friend Allison is married to Darren one of Noah and Bennett’s Seal brothers. He is suffering from PTSD and is in a bad way. He refuses to get help and it’s causing a strain on their marriage. Harper goes to visit them and sees this for herself. She also mentions about what Bennett did years ago and Allison doesn’t think there was such an award or payout.

Harper goes to see Bennett and he admits there isn’t but she is to keep the money and it was a promise he made to Noah. She demands to know what the promise is and what else happened when Noah died. He refuses to tell her and asks her to leave. He’s still suffering as well form those days. He has a survival business he runs. Harper books a weekend adventure with him and he’s not happy but takes her. They end up stranded and grow close. There’s an attraction but both feel Noah between them.

The story goes back and forth between the past when Harper and Noah meet and today with their lives. Harper is going to open a coffee shop with some of the wives of the Seal members to give back to the community and to help them keep busy in their lives. Bennett has offered to help and the relationship between him and Allison is getting closer. He’s also trying to help Darren who has gotten worse.

When Bennett finally tells Harper the story of Noah’s death he’s worried it could derail them. Will Allison be able to hear it and stay with Bennett or will it cause the end of their relationship?

A very heartwarming story for anyone that has lost anyone to a war or knows anyone suffering from PTSD. And even if you haven’t this story touches the heart. It’s a tough thing for anyone who has lost someone tragically and shows there are people that can help. I guarantee by the end of the book you will have shed some tears (I did). I really enjoyed this book and hope you will as well.

You can pick it up in stores on Tuesday, February 5th from St. Martin’s Griffin.

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