Book Review: ‘The Man In The Crooked Hat’ Is An Exciting Thriller

Author Harry Dolan is back with his newest book The Man In The Crooked Hat and his new character of Detroit Detective now turned private investigator Jack Pellum. Jack is a really flawed man, who’s suffering from the tragic murder of his wife almost two years ago. They never found the person who did it. The only clue they have is of a mysterious man in a fedora who was seen. This mysterious man has been seen before near other murderers.

Jack quit his job to try and find the murderer. He puts up flyers almost daily and with his number for anyone that may have seen anything. He gets tips all the time but nothing ever pans up. Until one day when Paul Rook shows up with information. He saw the guy before. It involved the murder of a friend of his. This opens up a Pandora’s box of old murder cases of kids and teenagers from years ago. Jack starts digging and starts to find clues that tie some of them to the death of this wife.

As he solves one set of murders that had nothing to do with his wife, he finds that the people involved indirectly now who the mysterious man is. The murderer we learn isn’t far away and he’s started a new life. He has money and is love. He’s trying to put what he did in the past and move forward. You can never really put your past behind you. Jack soon learns where he is and it sets up a dramatic showdown.

I love this character of Jack Pellum and hope he becomes a series of books. A spellbinding thriller with twists and turns that keep the reader entranced in the story. It’s what I like to call a page-turner in that you can’t put it down until you get to the climatic ending.

You can pick up The Man In The Crooked Hat, in stores on Tuesday, November 28th, from G.P. Putnam’s Sons.

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