Book Review: ‘The Majesties’ By Tiffany Tsao

by | Jan 7, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The story of two sisters and their wealthy Indonesian family. At the present time Gwendolyn is in a coma and her sister Estella is dead. Estella has killed their whole family at a birthday party. The whole novel is told from Gwen’s point of view as she lies in her coma and we learn the story of Gwen and Estella and their family.

It goes tells the story of how close they are and where they grew up with their big family. Going off to college in California and Estella’s marriage to a man who was not who he seemed and how they grew apart for a while. The sisters discover that one of their aunts is still alive after being told she died and go off to California to find her and why she did what she did.

Gwen thinks back on everything that has happened including a shocking murder and what finally set off Estella to kill her entire family. It’s a fascinating story about Chinese culture, the rich and how they became rich and stayed rich and the politics of the time the sisters grew up in. The various settings of Indonesia, China, California and other places helps to set the plot and is important to the entire story.

You can pick up The Majesties in stores on Tuesday, January 21st from Atria.