Book Review: ‘The Madness Of Crowds: A Chief Inspector Gamache Novel’ By Louise Penny

by | Aug 13, 2021 | Books | 0 comments

I love these Chief Inspector Armand Gamache books and look forward to them every year. Author Louise Penny nevers disappoints with her books. This latest one involves another murder and is a more personal novel as well. There’s some heavy emotions between Armand and his son-in-law Jean-Guy that will tug at your heart. Their relationship in these stories is always great to read.

It’s the holidays in Three Pines in the Quebec province and Armand gets word that a last minute speech is being planned and he will have to provide security for a controversial professor. At first Armand doesn’t think it will be a big deal until he sees one of her speeches and tries to get it cancelled with no luck. It also hits close to home for Jean-Guy, who asks to work it. During the speech there’s a situation and Armand has to act fast to save the Professor. While investigating it, someone is murdered at the annual New Year’s Eve party and now Armand and Jean-Guy have to find a killer as well. As they investigate they find secrets and Jean-Guy confides in Armand about a conflict he’s having. It leads to a shocking arrest.

You can pick up The Madness Of Crowds in stores on Tuesday, August 24th from Minotaur Books.