Book Review: ‘The Lost Vintage: A Novel’ Is A Good Look At How Secrets From The Past Never Stay Buried

by | Jun 1, 2018 | Books | 0 comments

Any book sent in France I am in for reading. There’s something about the way they’re written that hooks me. This one is not set in Paris but in wine vineyards of Burgundy that have been owned by families for many years. It also looks back to the past and secrets that most of the family didn’t know about. Author Ann Mah knows of what she writes, having written for the New York Times and various other magazines. She does a beautiful job not only tying the past and present together but also describing wine and the making and tasting of them. It will make you want to open a bottle and have a few glasses as you read the novel.

Kate is trying to be one of only a few wine experts that can certified in the world. She has to take The Test for the third (and final time) in order to do that. She has failed the first two times. When she loses her job in San Francisco, she decides to go to Burgundy in France to visit her friends Heather and Nico and their kids. It is where she is from and where she also has family. It’s also where her ex Jean-Luc is the one she was suppose to marry years ago. He lives next door to Heather and Nico.

It’s almost the end of the wine picking season and everyone is hard at work picking. Heather and Kate decide to tackle the basement and clean it out. Heather wants to redo the house and also make it a B&B but her Uncle (who’s in charge of the family forbids it). While going through stuff they find a hidden cave of wine, Resistance pamphlets and a mysterious girl Helene that now one in the family has heard of. The wine is very valuable and could be worth millions. Kate and Heather go on a journey to discover who this women is, why the wine is there and what happened all those years ago.

We find out via Helene’s journal of what was going on during the war and how it took its toll on the family and what happened then. It’s a fascinating story that ties the past with the present and puts Kate and Heather on a collusion course with their Uncle. It also brings Kate and Jean-Luc closer together and could it re-kindle their past?

You can find out and read the book on Tuesday, June 19 when William Morrow releases The Lost Vintage.