Book Review: ‘The Lion’s Den: A Novel’ By Katherine St. John Is A Great Summer Thriller

by | Jun 17, 2020 | Books | 0 comments

The Lion’s Den has it all. Well-written characters, a great setting, twists and turns and a story that you don’t want to put down. It makes for a really fun summer thriller.

Belle and Summer are best friends. At least on the surface. Each is so different from the other. Belle is a struggling actress in LA and takes nothing for granted. Summer has a chip on her shoulder and looks for the easy way out. She goes after rich men and mooches off of Belle when she can. She’s been seeing Eric, an artist who she knows has money, yet he lives a very simple life. Then she meets John, a mega-rich business owner, who’s married. That doesn’t stop her from hooking up and basically having him as a sugar daddy.

It’s time for Summer’s birthday and she invites those closest to her on a week’s long adventure on John’s yacht in the South Of France in the Mediterranean. Belle doesn’t really want to go but she does. And things start out weird as the have to sign NDAs and have to surrender their passports. And Belle sees for herself how things are with John and Summer and how horrible they are and what Summer has become.

As the trip begins the girls learn that every rule they have been told must be followed. They’re to mind their P’s and Q’s, be on time and do what they’re told. We soon learn via flashbacks that Summer and Belle have quite the past together, shocking secrets and a murder.

As they days go on for the trip Belle is getting in trouble and soon something happens on the boat and Belle has to fight for her life. And then we learn a shocking secret, with a twist you don’t see coming and it sets up the climax to the story.

You can pick up The Lion’s Den in stores on Tuesday, June 30th from Grand Central Publishing.